Scott Gable: Calspan


Claire McHale

Scott Gable was recently approached by the marketing team over at Calspan, an aerospace and testing facility that handles everything from the Department of Defense and Finnish Air Force, to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and car seat manufacturers. Scott, who has shot a lot of industrial and high tech work in the past, found that this was the perfect intersection of his talents and he came up with some darker, high contrast lighting ideas that the client loved. The shoot was spread out over six days and covered three facilities for a corporate image library as well as an entire web revamp for the company.

wm-3 (1).jpg


Scott had originally pitched two separate approaches for the shoot during the preproduction meeting. One approach was to high-key/overlight all the scenes and the other was to use a darker more contrasted lighting.

On the first day of shooting we shot both ways and after the client saw the images coming through, they really loved the darker stuff, which I loved too. 

wm-10 (1).jpg

At one of the facilities Scott had a chance to photograph their impressive collection of high tech dummies, some of which cost just under one million dollars.

The dummy lab had some great potential shots for personal portfolio images and the client was cool enough to let me play around a bit outside of our shot list.


In the end the client was so pleased with Scott's work that, just last week, they asked him to create several videos for them.

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This article was originally published Dec 22, 2015 on the Wonderful Machine Blog