Jiri Lizler : Kahanda Kanda Sri Lanka


Claire McHale

Photographer Jiri Lizler already had a planned trip to Sri Lanka to photograph a personal project, so to make the most of his trip he asked his assistant to put him in touch with local businesses in hopes of working for them while he was there. 


We sent about 300 emails and waited (that was 8 months before arrival). I don't really depend on email marketing but I got some responses very quickly, one of them was the actual owner of the luxury resort Kahanda Kanda. 


What started out with just a request to photograph a few suites of the resort lead to a six-day shoot photographing locations to be used in Kahanda Kanda's advertising campaigns. This was after the client saw images Jiri had produced in his free time photographing the coast.

This project was a dream come true for my style—no limitations, trust from the client and a great team who made everything run very smoothly.


With creative control and the confidence of the client, Jiri's only challenge was the weather but he still went to great heights to get the shot, at one point rigging the camera to a tree branch. Reactions to the images were great and the rest of his time in Sri Lanka was spent shooting for another client as a direct result of the job he'd just finished for Kahanda Kanda. 

To see more of Jiri's work visit jirilizler.com

This article was originally published Dec 18, 2015 on the Wonderful Machine Blog